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Image y movement within containing box

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I'm trying to get some images to have slight Y movement on scroll within each image containing div (overflow hidden).


Similar to how the images move on this site: https://cuberto.com/projects/datalight/


I just can't figure out what i'm doing wrong here. I've had a look through the parallax demo's, but nothing stands out. Anyone point me in the right direction here?


Thanks in advance.



See the Pen dypGjoN by alexkodr (@alexkodr) on CodePen

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Hey kodralex. 


yPercent is an invalid property of a ScrollTrigger. Instead you should create a tween with a ScrollTrigger and include the yPercent in the tween. We show how to do that sort of thing in this demo listed in the ScrollTrigger demos section.

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Cheers for pointing me in the right direct Zach. I should be able to figure it out from here. Thanks

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