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(Bug?) MotionPathPlugin unsets element position when looping in negative direction

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Click next button multiple times. Whenever end value goes from -0.9 to -1.2, from -1.8 to -2.1, from -2.9999 to  -3.3 etc. the element moves to its default position. This is not expected right?

See the Pen eYzXzKg by taylankasap (@taylankasap) on CodePen

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Hey Taylan. Currently MotionPathPlugin only works with looping in the positive direction. So if you changed end to 

const end = start + distance;

and reversed the direction of your path it'd work as you'd expect. We'll discuss whether or not MotionPathPlugin should support looping in the negative direction and get back to you.


Side note: Make sure you're using the latest version of GSAP. That demo is using an old version :) 

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Unfortunately I need to loop in both directions because I'm making a carousel with next & prev functionality. Thanks for considering this functionality.

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It works as expected now. Thank you Jack.

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