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updating gsap.to() values in a eventlistener

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Hey guys!

I have been lurking the forum since last few days. I have found a lot of useful information thanks for the great support.

I am looking to smoothen the animation in my codepen by doing following:
- fasten the timescale of tweens when 'onmouseover' so the div stop quickly but gracefully

- Also smothen the tweening overwrite happening while moving the cursor fast 

I think the best way would be to use a timeline to update timescale but I am having trouble to figuring that out.

Thanks in advance

See the Pen wvWRjao by isDass (@isDass) on CodePen

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Hey hj95 and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


I'm not really understanding the issue. Can you please make a demo that is focused on the question that you're asking? You've got a fair bit of code for what seems like a simple question. A description of how to create the issue that you're having would be greatly helpful as well. 


Additionally we highly recommend using the GSAP 3 syntax. It's sleeker and lets you use new features like GSAP's defaults. More info here:


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