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Get correct height for smooth scroll

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So I'm implementing a smooth scroll like this: 


useEffect(() => {
    const container = document.querySelector(".scroll-container");
    document.body.style.height = container.scrollHeight + "px";

    const onScroll = () => {
            .to(".scroll-container", {
                y: -pageYOffset,
                overwrite: "auto"
            }, 0)

    document.addEventListener("scroll", onScroll)
}, [])


The smooth scroll is working fine, but its height is not being calculated properly. In other words, the scrollHeight I get from the container, won't be enough to scroll the whole container using smooth scroll. How do I calculate the height I need for smooth scroll? 


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Hey Tee. Implementing smooth scrolling well is not the most trivial of tasks and is off topic for these forums. But if you have a question about GSAP or how to use it feel free to ask and we'll do our best to help.


I would recommend that you use an existing smooth scrolling library. We link to a few in the scrollerProxy docs which is useful for pairing them with ScrollTrigger. 

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