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Dushyant Kumar

How can I use GSAP in an MIT licensed project?

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Hello sir !  My question is that can I use   (https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/gsap/3.5.1/gsap.min.js)  this only without any extra plugin as dependency for an open source  (MIT) project  I want to contribute  is there any licensing issue

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Sure, just please make sure that it's clear to your end users that the GreenSock files are subject to their own standard license which is free for the vast majority of cases, but if they use it in something for which a fee is charged to MULTIPLE users, they'd need to get a "Business Green" Club GreenSock membership for the commercial license. But it's totally fine with us if you reference the main gsap.min.js file in an open source project. The more people using the tools, the better. 


If you want to understand the "why" behind our license, please see




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