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anchor links with SmoothScrollBar

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I apologize in advance for asking a question not quite on the topic of GSAP. This topic maybe of interest to many who use smooth scrolling.
Before writing here, I tried to solve the problem on github, but without success. Nobody answered me within a month.
my question is very simple: I use smoothScrollbar (https://idiotwu.github.io/smooth-scrollbar/) and I want to implement anchor links, but I have not found a solution. However, I was able to implement anchor links with another library: locomotive scroll. I just used this code 

const slider= document.querySelector('#main-2');
$('.link:nth-child(2)').on('click', function() {

however, the same operation was not useful for smoothscrollbar. In my montage, everything breaks down. If someone has an example on codepen please share it. 

See the Pen bGeWNOE by GeorgeDesign2020 (@GeorgeDesign2020) on CodePen

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Hey @GeS


in idiotwu's API documentation for smooth-scrolbar you can find that it has its own scrollTo method and how it works






 To make it work, you will have to get the position/offset of the element you want to scroll to


const slider= document.querySelector('#main-2');

var scrollToHere = slider.offsetTop;

$('.link').on('click', function() {
    bodyScrollBar.scrollTo(0, scrollToHere, 1000);




See the Pen fed2f618a11dd60db01b83e7b6d1e66e by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen



Hope this helps.





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why am i so inconsiderate?
Thank you again! I will certainly show you my project when I finish, without your help I would not have achieved such a result!) I will mention you in my project!

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