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Ron Itelman

Continuous looping of x by current position

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Hello, I want to loop an object by an additional 140 px every second. This moves the element by 140 pixels, but then resets every second instead of moving from the current position. Any help is appreciated thanks!

gsap.to(table, {duration:1, x:"-=140", ease:"none", repeat:-1});

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I'm not sure I understand your goal - do you want it to keep subtracting 140 from the x position over and over again? So, for example, it goes from 0 to -140, then -140 to -280, etc.? And with no ease? Wouldn't that just look like the element is constantly moving in that direction? 


You might want to look into repeatRefresh: true which will flush the recorded start/end values on each repeat, so in your example it'd do what I described. 

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Thanks Jack, that is exactly what I wanted, a constant motion. Works perfectly.

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