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Another Licensing Question (sorry)

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From what I've read around the site, it sounds as if I could get away with using the basic GreenSock library without paying a penny, but that it would be rather unfair to the people that created such a useful product.

I work in the online learning dept of a university (with paying students) and would like to use GSAP to create a few interactive pages on some of the courses. So no student will have to pay directly to use a page containing GSAP code, but the pages will only be available to enrolled students.

It sounds like there's nothing to stop me just going ahead, but what would be a fair license to try to persuade the university to sign up to?


Thanks for such an enabling product, and such a refreshing approach to licensing.

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38 minutes ago, Paddy said:

it sounds as if I could get away with using the basic GreenSock library without paying a penny

Well "get away with", yes, in the sense that our entire business model is based on the honor system - we don't burn time hunting for violations or policing things. We believe that if we just focus our resources on making the tools better and serving our customers, the market will reward our efforts naturally. So far so good. In fact, your kind note here evidences exactly that. 🙌


Technically, the usage you described does require a "Business Green" license because you're using GreenSock technology in a site/product that's only available to paying customers (students).


I do really appreciate the fact that you're trying so hard to honor our work and potentially convince your university to get a license to support what we do. So thank you! Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. 


Happy tweening!

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Also, keep in mind that we do offer an educational discount :) Reach out to us via the contact page if you're interested in taking next steps.

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