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What is the default value for the "scroller" property when using ScrollTrigger?

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When creating a ScrollTrigger, I know that if I don't include the "scroller" property it will use the viewport, but I can alternatively give the id of an overflow scrolling element instead.


But if I wanted to make the scroller value conditional, what is the default property I should use to tell it to use the viewport?


For example:

scrollTrigger: {
  id: triggerId,
  scroller: (useOverflow ? '#my-overflow-id' : ''),
  trigger: '#trigger-1',
  start: 'top top',
  end: 'bottom top'

An empty string seems to work, but I don't know if that's by chance - I obviously don't want GSAP to be wasting resources trying to find elements in the DOM that don't exist.

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Hey Alex. ScrollTrigger defaults to "the viewport" as you say so an invalid value like an empty string will work just fine (so long as that invalid value doesn't throw a JS error like the variable being undefined).

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