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Ron Itelman

GSAP - killall equivalent?

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Hello, looking at the api, the only kill function requires me to know which tween I wish to kill: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/gsap.killTweensOf()

However, I have single page app and if a user were to click around before an animation is completed the animation continues (which doesn't make sense to the user). I would like to kill all running animations on any new view the user selects, without having to hard cord (and know in advance) every single possible set of animations I would need to kill.  Is there anyway to do this? This site is for demo purposes / prototyping only internally to our company so I'm focused on whatever is easiest as possible to not get random animations running as a user clicks through. Any suggestions are appreciated both in quick fixes or programmatic paradigms!

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Hey Ron. You can use .killTweensOf() to do that. Just pass in "*" as the target to select all DOM elements. Or a more scoped selector if you only want to kill the ones under a given section.

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The only problem with the "*" solution is that'll only kill tweens of elements that can currently be found in the DOM, so if you truly want to kill all tweens I'd do something like this: 

gsap.globalTimeline.getChildren().forEach(t => t.kill());


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