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Physics2d & MothionPathPlugin

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Hi guys !

Is that possible to couple those two plugins (Physics2d & MothionPathPlugin) to create a kind of "maze" what I want is that the svg circle fall and stop at the end of the path 😕

i don't see this anywhere :3 


See the Pen JjKjgXL by bable (@bable) on CodePen

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Hey Greenpig and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


How are you picturing these two being paired together? If the MotionPath has control over the dot then the physics plugin won't be of much help...


What do you mean "fall and stop at the end of the path"? 

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thank's ! :D

So i want to create this : 

first step


rotate the path 


second step


rotate again

third step :


So what i want to do is to allow my circle to fall but following the path

thank's for hellping me :D 


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To do that sort of thing I would break your path into a smaller path for each line segment. Then I would create an animation for each segment that:

  • Rotates the entire group of segments to where "down" appears the direction the ball should go.
  • Animates the circle from the top to the bottom, using whatever easing or physics-y animation you want to use (maybe with a little bouncing at the end, that would be fun).

Then sequence all of those in a timeline.

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Hey @Greenpig


Check out this post too




Happy tweening ...


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