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resizing issue when using matchMedia() from desktop to mobile

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I have made replica of my code to show the issue that I am having.

Do not mind the mask not being in the center for that is not the problem.. 
When resizing the window from desktop TO mobile, the `<a>TESTING</a>` does not appear. 

when i inspect it with the dev tools it shows `opacity: 0;` 
I am trying to disable all scrollTriggers and timelines when mobile.
Any help would be gladly appreciated. THANKS

See the Pen src by s (@s) on CodePen

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Thanks for the fast reply,

After watching the video it explained exactly the error that is happening to me.
I have added the `.saveStyles()` method but still have the same error. 
is it possible that I have the wrong syntax? I have tried: 

here is my updated https://codesandbox.io/s/strange-firefly-5mtce?file=/src/App.js

ScrollTrigger.saveStyles("maskImageRef.current, contentRef.current")
ScrollTrigger.saveStyles([maskImageRef.current, contentRef.current])
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It should be the array version of what you have:

ScrollTrigger.saveStyles([maskImageRef.current, contentRef.current]);


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Hi as I have mentioned above, that does not work.
It returns this Error: 

TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
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hmm, it seems to me that it does not like what I am initializing the useRef hook with. 

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That's because you have conditional logic in your React code that doesn't create that element in that case, so it's null. You can do something like:


let elementsToSave = [];
maskImageRef.current && elementsToSave.push(maskImageRef.current);
contentRef.current && elementsToSave.push(contentRef.current);

Or use a helper function: 

ScrollTrigger.saveStyles(omitNull([maskImageRef.current, contentRef.current]));

function omitNull(arr) {
  let i = arr.length;
  while (i--) {
    arr[i] || arr.splice(i, 1);


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