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Changing Movieclip Brightness Using TweenLite Max

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Hello I am trying to make a flash file with a slider that when you slide the slider the left it adjust the colour accordingly


Iam using the following code:


import com.greensock.*;

import com.greensock.easing.*;


import fl.events.SliderEvent;


slider.addEventListener(SliderEvent.CHANGE, skinTone);

function skinTone (event:SliderEvent):void {


TweenMax.to(hand, 1, {colorTransform:{brightness:0}});



I want this code to be dynamic so it changes when I slide the slider accross. Does anyone no the code for this?...


Thanks Justin

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You want the brightness to change? Or the hue? Saturation? I'm not totally clear on what you're after, but basically you'd make your slider go from the smallest value to the largest (set your constraints) and then use the SliderEvent.value to plug into the tween.


function skinTone (event:SliderEvent):void {
   TweenMax.to(hand, 1, {colorTransform:{brightness:event.value}});

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