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Carolina Waizani

A web page is slowing your browser - high memory loading

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We build 7 webpages using Angular and GSAP 3.4.
Each page contains some SVGs.
Each page has multiple sections with their own timeline using Scroll Trigger to execute the animation required upon scrolling.
We are having problems loading the pages. Pages consume a lot of memory. Additionally, firefox and safari shows warning messages about the memory and slowing on webpages loading.

The link to the website is: http://products.gcel.net

How can i reduce the memory consumption and expedite the loading process?


See the Pen by (@) on CodePen

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Hey Carolina and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


What makes you think that these memory and loading issues are related to GSAP? GSAP is very small in file size and very performant so the browser is hardly stressed by the GSAP code itself. 


Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to help with non-GSAP issues in these forums. If you'd like to hire someone to help you audit the performance of your website you could try posting in the jobs and freelance forum here.

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