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Trigger SplitText tweens from Horizontal ScrollTrigger

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Hi there,


I have been working on a horizontal scrolling page with ScrollTrigger.  Within this we want to be able to animate text headings as they come into view.  


In the pen there are 5 slides with Slide 2 and Slide 4 both with headers that we want to animate.  Ive nearly got it working but :

  1. Slide 4 starts in its completed state and doesn't animate until it hits the Start point.  So it is sitting on the left and then it jumps to the from point and animates. 
  2. I think Im doing it in a very inefficient way and that maybe the ScrollTrigger needs to be with the SplitText tween but I went down that path and got myself in a mess! 


Any assistance would be hugely appreciated! 




See the Pen YzqMWwz by mikeallteams (@mikeallteams) on CodePen

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Hey @Hargy - welcome to the forums.


You would have to set up the splitText inside of that forEach-function you have for your


var headSelectors=document.querySelectorAll("section.white");


so the animation only adresses the text in that one section it is supposed to adress each time.



I set it up like this


// Split Text Triggers 

var headSelectors = document.querySelectorAll("section.white");

headSelectors.forEach((header, index) => {
  // Split Text 
  const splitThis = header.querySelector(".slide-content");
  const split = new SplitText(splitThis);
  // Animation
  var anim = gsap.from(
      x: "700",
      y: "40vh",
      ease: "power2.inOut",
      stagger: 0.08,
      // repeat: -1,
  console.log("hs " + header.offsetLeft + " index " +index);
    animation: anim,
    start: () => header.offsetLeft - 1000,
    end: () => header.offsetLeft - 200,
    toggleActions:"play none none reverse",
    scrub: 1,
    markers: true



Note, that I removed the duration from your tween because a) you had it setup twice (once per old and once per new syntax) and b) duration on scrubbing-ScrollTriggers does behave different from duration on regular tweens/timelines - thus it might do something different, than you thought it did.






Also on that splitText-ScrollTrigger I changed scrub true to scrub: 1, so it appears more fluently (and not so choppy) in 'sync' with the translation of your horizontal section - which also have a scrub: 1 applied - but that's just a suggestion :)


Is this what you had in mind?




See the Pen 222a9dd2f70c524700977af846e797b7 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen








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Thank you so much Paul @akapowl , besides fixing my issue, your answer made some things click in my head about how GSAP works.  Im super excited to explore more! 


This forum is outstanding.  


Have a great day! 

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