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Problem: Skew scrolling + SmoothScrollbar.js

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Hello again,


I've been using GSAP3' ScrollTrigger plugin for a little while now and managed to make the skew on scroll effect work, which I really enjoyed using. Although it does work perfectly with normal scrolling, I can't seem to make it work while using the SmoothScrollbar.js plugin (https://idiotwu.github.io/smooth-scrollbar/).


Please note to the Pen provided: when the SmoothScrollbar is removed, the skew on scroll effect works. 


I know GSAP and SmoothScrollbar are separate plugins so I'd understand if it just wouldn't work but I hope someone can find a solution.  





See the Pen ZEWwdxN by enneking (@enneking) on CodePen

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Hey @CommonUser


That is because you have to define a scroller for each of your ScrollTriggers, when working in a setup as such.


I added


scroller: "#my-scrollbar",


to your ScrollTriggers, and also changed your scrollerProxy to


ScrollTrigger.scrollerProxy("#my-scrollbar", { ...


and now it works.


See the Pen 39472696135060952a1aa0860eecb919 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen



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