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The animation order is out of order on slider.

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Hello there,
I made a slide animation using gsap.
However, pressing the button may cause the animations to be out of order.
I cant find the cause....
If there is a way how can I fixed this problem?

See the Pen vYGbXav by nono_gsap (@nono_gsap) on CodePen

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Hey noriko and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


We don't have the capacity to debut your whole slider but glancing at the code I think the issue might be with your isTweening function. I wouldn't use the .isTweening() method to determine whether or not an animation is running. I'd use the .isActive() method on the actual animation itself. 


Side note, you should use xPercent: -100 instead of x: "-100%". See the most common GSAP mistakes article to learn more about the other common GSAP mistakes.

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