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Unexpected ease with SplitText

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Can someone tell me why my ease is not easing as expected?

Obviously I wanted a "expo.inOut". But he's showing me a weird ease out.


Thanks in advance!

See the Pen JjXaOvZ by jnhltmn (@jnhltmn) on CodePen

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Thanks, but no. This easing is defining the easing of every single character, right? I want to give an ease to the whole stagger.


Documentation says: "The ease that distributes the start times of the animation. So "power2" would start out with bigger gaps and then get more tightly clustered toward the end. Default: "none"."

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Sorry, I looked at that too quickly.


It looks correct to me. I adjusted the fork a bit. I boosted the stagger amount to 10 so you can clearly see the letters start and end quickly and really slow down in the middle. 

See the Pen 2539299fb418b7af0e00e4844bbde224 by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen


PS You'd want use either 'each' or 'amount' in the stagger object. Not both.


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With the ease.inOut I expected a slow start, a fast middle sector and an slow ending. Why am I wrong? 🤔


And good point! I was wondering which property is 'in charge' when using an 'each' and an conflicting 'amount'. 😏



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I know it feels a little backwards, right? Rather than go into a long winded explanation of the distribution of start times based on the ease curve, I'll let Professor @Carl's video take care of that for us. After you watch this, you should be able to visualize what's happening with your animation.


Happy tweening.



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thanks for posting the video, Craig. I actually needed a refresher myself.



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