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GSAP Best Practices - beautify order of properties?

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GSAP noob over here... and loving it so much!

I was just wondering if anyone has established beautify setups to share?

I've grown accustomed to using the order of CSS properties I stole from Bootstrap and the OCD in me is itching for something similar in GSAP.

eg for CSS order of properties:

1) Positons (absolute, top, left, z-index etc)
2) Box-model (block, padding, margin, etc)
3) Layout (flex & grid type of stuff)

And so on...

It's worth noting for CSS I just used a feature in PHPStorm that allows you to create a list of the order you want. So I'm not sure if the same will be possible with GSAP. I guess I'm just asking out of interest for the most part.


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Hey IOIIOOIO and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


As with CSS, there are many different ways to order properties. I tend to do something like the following:

gsap.to(elem, {
  // I always put duration first
  duration: 1,
  // I usually put the properties to animate after that
  x: 100,
  // At the end I put all the other non-animated properties
  ease: "sine.inOut",
  repeat: -1

If I only have one or two properties I might do it all in one line. If I have more than that I almost always put each property on their own line.

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