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MatchMedia & Timeline placement

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Had a trawl through the site and codepen but couldn't find an answer.


I have timelines that require different scrolltrigger values according to media queries, is it correct to place paused timelines outside the ScrollTrigger.matchMedia() and the scrolltrigger/s inside the function? Or is it best practice to duplicate timelines in each media query? Or some other setup?



See the Pen QWNrJRr by brodiero (@brodiero) on CodePen

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There isn't a hard-and-fast rule about this, but I'd personally find it more readable/maintainable to put stuff inside the matchMedia() object. Remember that it'll keep track of the ScrollTriggers that are created inside that function and kill those (along with their attached animation) when the media query no longer matches. 


Let us know if you run into any problems. 🙌

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Thanks Jack, it's good to know it's acceptable, if not recommended 😉


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