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Thomi Aditya

White Wave Effect

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I was wondering how does this kind of white wave from this site possibly made by GSAP?  Is there any additional plugin necessary? I took so many times investigating this site. Hope I find the answer here. :( Thanks


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Hey @Thomi Aditya


Are you speaking of the white 'light-wave' sort of effect, when you scroll down one section from start?


GSAP can and will be helpful, when wanting to animate effects like these, but straight up building that sort of effect is not what GSAP does/can do - it probably requires WebGL and probably a good knowledge of shaders, too.


I think, they used three.js for the WebGL part on the site you provided the link to - and they do use GSAP, I don't know if they do for this animation in specific, though.


But getting to an effect as such will not be trivial to wrap your head around.




Maybe searching codepen for an effect similar to this and trying to understand what is done, could be a first step.




Welcome to the forum by the way :)


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