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How to call a function using a ScrollTrigger

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I'm building a site using lots of ScrollTrigger animations.


There are some places where all I want to do is simply use a trigger to fire off a function when the user gets to a point on the page. Is this possible?


I almost always use timelines (to keep everything consistent, and so that I can easily kill them if I need) so my instinct is to do something like this:


var tl = gsap.timeline({
  scrollTrigger: {
    trigger: '#myTrigger',
    start: 'top 80%',
    toggleActions: 'play null play null'
tl.add(function () {
  console.log('do something');

But this doesn't do anything.


I've noticed that if I add something else to the timeline, e.g.


    opacity: 0
    opacity: 1

Then my function does get called, but only once - it doesn't seem to respect the toggleActions.


Is there a simply way to just call a function using a ScrollTrigger? Thanks.

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Hey alexb148. ScrollTriggers callbacks are perfect for this sort of thing. For example:

  trigger: elem,
  onEnter: myEnterFunc,
  onLeave: myLeaveFunc,
  onEnterBack: myEnterFunc,
  onLeaveBack: myLeaveFunc


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Thank you, I hadn't spotted those options in the docs - yes this does the job. Thanks for the rapid reply!

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