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Can you pause and resume a ScrollTrigger animation?

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I am creating several timelines controlled using ScrollTrigger, and that's all working great so far!


What I'd like is to temporarily pause and then later resume the scroll listener. Essentially, pause and be able to scroll the page without my timeline playing, whilst leaving everything in the state it was at the moment I paused it. Then resume, and have everything immediately start responding to the page's scroll position again.


Is this possible?


I can see that there is a "disable" method, but this appears to unpin and reset everything as if the page hadn't been scrolled at all, which is not what I want.


I know that I can completely destroy and then re-create the timeline, but this results in a short visual flicker whilst everything is destroyed and re-generated again.


Thanks for your help!

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Actually, my bad - "disable" doesn't reset everything, I misunderstood the documentation.


For reference, I am giving all my ScrollTriggers an ID, and then using


to pause the ScrollTriggers, and


to resume again.


Problem solved!


Update: problem not solved - see new comment in the thread

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I am revisiting this post as I have realised that I in fact did not solve this issue after all.


Anything with scrub: true is reset to the start, as if I had never scrolled at all.


Is it possible to disable a scrubbing ScrollTrigger and leave everything in the exact state it is at the time I disable it, even if mid-tween?

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Sure, you can tell it not to revert by passing false as the parameter, like trigger.disable(false);

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7 minutes ago, alexb148 said:

I can't currently see that mentioned in the docs though

Thanks for pointing that out. I've updated the docs to include it. You might need to hard refresh to see the update.

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4 hours ago, oligsap said:

Could we do the same with the kill function ? like trigger.kill(false); ?

That's quite a testable hypothesis :) 


Yes, you can do the same with the kill function. I updated the docs for that as well.

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