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Scroll page and owl carousel moves

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Hello All,


I want something like this site ( https://www.agencedolly.fr/ ) . Check the "Articles" section - The section is used Owl Carousel.

The effect I want is when you scroll page up and down the Carousel moves from left to right and right to left on page scroll.


Please help me if you have anything.




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Hello and welcome Jigar,

I think that many of the effects you see on that site can be achieved with ScrollTrigger and (the scrub option).

The carousel is also draggable which adds an extra level of complexity.

I would suggest that you could start off by looking at the basic scrollTrigger docs 


When you feel confident with that then maybe consider the Draggable plugin.

If you have a more specific question then I am sure that the forum will be pleased to help you.




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Hey @dev_jigar


The actual ScrollTrigger setup for something like that could be fairly simple:


See the Pen aacc18cb78972e1222a0df19582b7583 by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


You'd just have to find out, what exactly to animate.


And as @Richard1604 mentioned: depending on how the owl-carousel you want to animate on scroll is set-up, you could run into some bumps along the road.


But it is close to impossible to help you in more detail with this without an actual demo of your case.


Hope my pen helps a bit anyways.





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