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ScrollTrigger - Disallow scroll until function runs?

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I need to be able to play through a GSAP timeline, and when it is completed, run a different timeline on ScrollTrigger.


I did this using GSAP and ScrollMagic, and am now converting the site I built to use ScrollTrigger, but this specific requirement I am not sure which feature of ScrollTrigger I might use to make this happen. Tried disable and enable but it didn't seem to work.


Here's the working example of the site I already built and am trying to translate over to ScrollTrigger from ScrollMagic: http://mischiefusa.com/



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I'd wait to create the ScrollTrigger until your first timeline completes. Pop that ScrollTrigger into a function and call it with an onComplete callback on the first timeline.




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Thanks @PointC, that worked! It's what I thought I'd have to do, though I admit I was hoping for there to be some more elegant built in solution. It works well though so no big! Cheers!

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