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NativeTouchScrolling with Draggable on iOS

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Hoping this is a quick fix. I've looked over the forums and implemented (allowNativeTouchScrolling: true) for GSAP's boilerplate slider, but it still interrupts the vertical scroll. I'd just like to glide over it, like any image, etc. 


Appreciate any help here: 

Thanks for all. 

See the Pen KKzmeRd by euqio (@euqio) on CodePen

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5 hours ago, pietM said:

GSAP's boilerplate slider

I didn't know we had one boilerplate slider ;) 


Quoting from the allowNativeTouchScrolling docs (emphasis mine):


By default, allows you to native touch-scroll in the opposite direction as Draggables that are limited to one axis.

You just need to set type: "x" :) The allowNativeTouchScrolling: true isn't necessary since that's the default.

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Beautiful. Thanks, Zach! 

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