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Draggable problems (Wacom + Windows 10)

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Problem: Using a Wacom Intuos tablet on Windows 10, GSAP's Draggable doesn't pick up the dragged element correctly, or doesn't drop it when you end the drag.


I found the problem can be solved by (weird) settings on my machine, still I wonder if there's a fix for the plugin, as people might visit my web page with the wrong Windows Settings?

I wrote a reminder post for the solution and comparison with drag libraries, if you like.



See the Pen xxVqNgX by potatoDie (@potatoDie) on CodePen

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Hey potatoDie. This sounds like a OS issue, not a Draggable one, but if you could create a minimal test case (especially one that doesn't rely on a Wacom Intuos tablet as we likely don't have one of those) that'd be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks a lot for writing up your solution!

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Thanks Zach,

I've added a test case to my post above. Only on Intuos P and Intuos PT I've noticed this problem (I have no other tablets). Mouse and touchpad are OK. I suspect there's something wrong with Windows Ink. But that may be because I don't really know what Ink is, or why we need it.


What I see is that the draggable is picked up, but only updated once or twice per second (irregular) and it doesn't get released when I lift my pen.

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I don't see either issue in all browsers on Windows 10 (and Catalina) using a Wacom Bamboo (I don't have any other tablets) without changing any of the default settings. 

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Probably doesn't help your with Windows diagnosis but I can confirm it works fine  on Wacom Cintiq on Mac.

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