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Increasing TimeLine value on mouse move

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Hi, do you have any tips how make a dragger/timeline or progress bar fulfill by itself as the mouse is being moved?
Additionally, how to read its value in real time? 
I want to update mood.progress() value adequately.

In short words - the goal is for pet's mood to get better as you move your mouse. Right now you can do it by dragging a dot on a slider.

I'm using GSAP since yesterday. I've been fighting all day with it and cannot think of any proper solution.



[EDIT] Solved

See the Pen NWNdKZv by kamdre (@kamdre) on CodePen

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Looks like you made a cool fork of my popcorn slider demo. Good work. 👍


Thanks for letting us know you solved the problem and for supporting the platform with your Club GreenSock membership. It's greatly appreciated. 


Happy tweening.



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