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hi josmanolo,

 That’s a cool site isn’t it. I noticed it myself in the show case a few days ago too.
I think that after  the initial splash screen much of the site is based on scrollTrigger and there are a couple of hamburger menus in there too for navigation.

there’s a good intro video for scrollTrigger which is about 20mins long and if you do a Google search for scrollTrigger There are quite a few codepen examples around which might get you started.
scrollTrigger can handle horizontal and vertical scrolling too if you want a horizontal image gallery.

that ought to help get you started but there is a lot of detail in that reference site with plenty of different transitions and animation effects.


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Hey Josmanolo and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


9 hours ago, Josmanolo said:

I'm new to GSAP and I'm curious about how to achieve an effect similar to this: https://rose-maggie.com/gallery

What effect, specifically, are you having trouble understanding how to create? There are a lot of different effects on the page.

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These images move at different speed when i scroll and i want to know how i can achieve this in gsap

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