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Jane Collen

How Can I Make A Cost Calculator That's Interactive (More Than What A Simple Backend Code Can Get Me)

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Hi guys! I need to build a cost calculator for my site and while I did found code for building it on Github, it wasn't as good as i wanted it to. I want something of the sort that Tekrevol and Buildfire have come up, its interactive and lets the user commit to the thing in steps.. Can anyone help me develop this or at least guide on how can I do it

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Hey Jane and welcome to the GreenSock forums. Are you looking to hire someone to do this for you? If so, the Jobs & Freelance forum would probably be a better place to post. If not, please ask about whatever specific GSAP issues that you're facing. This post goes into more detail about how to do that:


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Hi Jane,


Advising on complete project implementation is beyond the scope of this forum. We are generally focused on specific GSAP questions and issues.


As Zach noted if you are looking to hire someone  you can post on the Jobs forum and if possible please look at creating a codepen for us to assist with.  


However... if you're looking for advice on how to achieve the sections scrolling in the form like https://www.tekrevol.com/app-cost-calculator


See the documentation on the ScrollToPlugin and you also may want to look at ScrollTrigger for other scroll based interactions you can create.




See the Pen LkOrKY by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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