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TweenNano overwrite=false by default?

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I think that documentation for TweenNano might be off, since it appears that TweenNano does not overwrite Tweens by default.


Example code:

package com.src
import flash.display.Sprite;
import flash.events.Event;
import flash.text.TextField;

import com.greensock.TweenNano;
import com.greensock.TweenLite;

public class Main extends Sprite 
	var nano:TextField;
	var lite:TextField;

	public function Main():void 
		if (stage) init();
		else addEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);

	private function init(e:Event = null):void 
		removeEventListener(Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, init);

		nano = new TextField();
		nano.text = "TweenNano";
		nano.y = 10;

		lite = new TextField();
		lite.text = "TweenLite";
		lite.y = 50;

		TweenNano.from(nano, 1, { x: 50 } );
		TweenNano.to(nano, 1, { x: 50, delay: 1 } );

		TweenLite.from(lite, 1, {  x: 50 } );
		TweenLite.to(lite, 1, {  x: 50, delay: 1 } );


But documentation says:

overwrite : Boolean Controls how other tweens of the same object are handled when this tween is created. Here are the options:


* false (NONE): No tweens are overwritten. This is the fastest mode, but you need to be careful not to create any tweens with overlapping properties, otherwise they'll conflict with each other.

* true (ALL_IMMEDIATE): This is the default mode in TweenNano. All tweens of the same target are completely overwritten immediately when the tween is created.

TweenNano.to(mc, 1, {x:100, y:200});

TweenNano.to(mc, 1, {x:300, delay:2, overwrite:true}); //immediately overwrites the previous tween


I only realised this when I had to switch from TweenNano to TweenLite, and realised some of my Tweens weren't playing out. I'd been taking overwrite=false for granted all along. :) This is using the latest Tween library dated 2010-04-28.


Btw I had a hard trouble signing up haha... Kept failing the confirmation code, not sure why, until the twentieth time a 4-digit sequence came out, with no alphabets, that I finally passed. :oops:

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Glad you caught that - thanks for letting me know. The documentation was correct but the behavior wasn't - I just fixed it in the latest version which I just posted. Snag it in your Club GreenSock account download or from the main site: http://www.TweenLite.com. Sorry for any hassle that caused.

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