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White Spacing Scroll Trigger

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Hello. I am trying to make a portfolio website for a client, and i got a good image gallery, and edited it to make it responsive, but on both the responsive media queries and laptop views, when someone scrolls too fast, or something, it gives this 100vh white space till it's goes to the forum section. I'm new to gsap, and found the confidence finally to begin programming myself, but i can't get out of this bug. The images scale and function properly, there's no problem with it, im just using local directories. 


Ok. if i'm being honest, it really only works on mobiles and laptops. nothing in between it's not a 100% responsive. Is there some way to tell users to open it just on their phones and laptop and nothing inbetween? 


Also just a random, if anyone wants to help, is there some way to set and arrow function on the images, along with the scrollTrigger? 

IF not, that's alright. : P 

See the Pen OJNVNrL by michaelkwanzaa (@michaelkwanzaa) on CodePen

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Hey Michael and welcome to the GreenSock forums. You asked multiple things in your post. What are you actually wanting help with? Please edit your demo to be focused solely on the issue and we'll see if we can help out. The video in this post provides more guidance on what should be included and what should be left out.


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