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Hamburger Menu opens when clicking "href" on any page

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My gsap menu works fine. The problem is, when I click any other "<a href>" on the page, the menu will open too. You can check my codepen.

I don't know, how to solve this. Can you please help me.


It includes Chrome, Firefox. Not tested in IE.


Thanks in advance

See the Pen oNxXXdy by DJdutchy (@DJdutchy) on CodePen

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Hi @djdutchy


Welcome to the forum


That's what I would expect to happen because you have two listeners. One for the button and one for any <a> tag. They both reverse the timeline. You could just remove the second one and the menu would open and close only with the toggle button.


Also note that you're using the new GSAP 3 files, but the old GSAP 2 syntax. You may want to take a look at the GSAP 3 Migration Guide.

Happy tweening and welcome aboard.



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Ok thank you and I will have a look. 

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Nope. It's fine. Maybe it'll help someone in the future.


Let us know if you have any GSAP related questions. Happy tweening. :)


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