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Jean-Baptiste Janot

Draggable.endDrag() with inertia on

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Hi everyone,


Thanks again for the amazing tools, I am a long term user now and still amazed everyday by the gsap platform ♥️


I am trying to completely stop the dragging and tweens of a Draggable instance when clicking on a button in order to move the dragged item programmatically and prevent jumps.

I use the endDrag function, but when the draggable instance is configured to use inertia and snaps, it always complete the snap first no matter what.

How can I be sure that every tween is stopped when using endDrag(), even the inertia related ones?


I can create a codepen if it is not clear enough.


Thank you for your help.

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Well, I found the solution...

You have to use gsap.killTweensOf(target); and that will do the trick.

Here is what it could look like :


I can delete the post or just leave it for maybe future reference?


Have a nice day everyone.

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I was literally JUST typing that answer, @Jean-Baptiste Janot! You beat me to it by a few seconds. Nice work :)


And yes, let's leave the post because it may help someone else who has a similar question in the future. 


Thanks for being a Club GreenSock member! 🙌

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