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Michael Gudzevskyi


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Hey @Michael Gudzevskyi


The effect on that page is achieved with use of smooth-scrollbar library and pixi.js.


Actually, the creator put his code in the issues-section of smooth-scrollbar library on GitHub once.

Here is the link.




I don't think it is that easy to create sth like that - at least it isn't to me.

Maybe the code from the link can help you get where you want, though.




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Most of that effect is powered by curtains.js, there's not much happening on scroll besides updating some values (which ScrollTrigger can easily do). To recreate the effect, I recommend reading the curtain.js docs and then looking into that code that @akapowl linked to.

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Oh, yeah, @ZachSaucier  totally right. 


It is curtains.js and not pixi.js - my bad.


Don't know why pixi.js came to my mind when it obviously says curtains.js in the title.


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