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Tweenmax free or paid

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Hello everyone.

Sorry for my English.

I'm beginer in HTML CSS JS and greensock, a friend ask me to create a small website (one page) for little pizza shop (one employed (just my friend)), the website is just informative, no online pay, o
f course i mentioned greensock on website.


I use the perfect tweenmax on this website

And I  have a question, i know this question are already asked, but the answer is not clear for me.

I answered the form  "
Not sure which membership to choose? Click here for help." but i don't know if tweenmax is a special animation.

If i use tweenmax for this web site, do we have to pay for a license?

I think no, but I'm not sure.

Best regards.


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No, as long as the thing that's using GSAP itself is totally free (the web site in this case) and there aren't any "members-only" sections, for example, where customers have to pay a fee to access it, you're totally fine with the free version. No Club GreenSock membership required. It doesn't matter if he charges for pizza because I'm pretty sure the pizza itself doesn't use GreenSock technology (if it does, I MUST try this pizza!) ;)


And there's also no need to mention GreenSock or TweenMax on the web site itself, although that's kind of you to do. We don't require any kind of attribution. 


I hope the tools serve you well! Happy tweening!

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Here comes your GreenSock PIZZA


See the Pen XWmZmRN by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Enjoy your meal ...



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Thank you very much for your answer.

I was almost sure of your answer.

Tweenmax is a really great tool.

It's super cool like animation Mikel.

Best regards.


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Keep in mind that TweenMax is the old version of GSAP. We highly recommend using GSAP 3!


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