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_Greg _

play/reverse tween with ScrollTrigger

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How can i use links (like navigation) to play/reverse tween and scroll to trigger position, tween must be played/reversed with scrolltrigger or on click button

I think something like window.scrollTo(trigger-start/end position) but I can't figure out how to calculate the position of triggers

Thank you!

See the Pen NWxjmoj by -greg- (@-greg-) on CodePen

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Hey Nekiy2. I recommend using the ScrollToPlugin because it makes it easier and gives you more control over the scroll animation. Here's a basic demo showing how it can be paired with ScrollTrigger (it's listed in the ScrollTrigger docs)

See the Pen bGVjLwG by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


If you need to go to some point within a timeline based on a label I show how to do that in this thread:


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Thank you!


i find that i can get start and end position of trigger. Thats what i need
I update my codepen with

document.querySelector('.nav').addEventListener('click', ()=>{
  if(img.progress() === 0){
    window.scrollTo(0, scrt.start + (scrt.end - scrt.start)) // Scroll to trigger
    window.scrollTo(0, scrt.start)// Reverse to start

I think its working how i want

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