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How to change stroke width using draw svg

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I would like to ask for your help on how to make a stroke width go from big too small. I’ve tried using drawSVG and defining the strokeWidth. I also tried something like this:

gsap.fromTo("#svg", {duration: 1, scale: 2.0, strokeWidth:10});

gsap.to("#svg", {duration: 1, scale: 1.4, strokeWidth:4});

But, it didn’t work. 

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Looks like you're targeting the whole SVG. You'd want to target the actual path or line that needs to be animated.


gsap.to(yourTargetElement, {duration: 1, scale: 1.4, strokeWidth:4});


Make sense?


Happy tweening.



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PS targeting the whole SVG could work if you set those attributes on the root SVG, but I'm guessing they're on the path or line.

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