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i create this pen with an update of the image sequence on scroll (71 images)

it work fine on codepen but when i deploy to netlify, the update is no longer working. The update is very slow.

i use gatsby.

What am i doing wrong ?

Does anybody know ?




here is a link of the deploy version : https://naturalzero.netlify.app/

and attach my .js file


See the Pen ExPrdyg by YVNKAD (@YVNKAD) on CodePen

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Hey Andy. It's hard to debug on a live site.


But the phone rotation seems to work the same on the live site to me - both are choppy, especially when the page first loads. Most likely the biggest cause of this is that the images haven't all loaded before you're trying to use them.


You can likely also improve performance by hiding/displaying images instead of switching out the src each time. I talk about doing that in this thread:


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