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scale not working correct in safari

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Hi there,


I want to change scale of headline after scroll, in all browsers works correct except Safari and the quality of the headline tag decreases. ( The photo you see in the attachment).I have written my code as follows:


TweenMax.to(".textVideo h2", 300, { scale: 6})


When I change the CSS in inspect Element as follows;


-webkit-transform:scale(0.9, 0.9);

it works correct in safari (The second photo) , how can i solve this issue?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-07-22 um 13.28.57 (1).png


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Hey Nima. Most likely this has nothing to do with GSAP, it just relates to how browsers render text. You're likely to get varied results depending on the browser, OS, device, and monitor. But without you providing a minimal demo it's hard to say for sure.


If you want text to scale perfectly it's best to use SVG instead. That way it will scale perfectly instead of approximating like what's done with regular web page text. 


Side note: You're using the old v2 formatting for GSAP. We highly recommend GSAP 3! It's super easy to upgrade so that you get the smaller file size, sleeker API, and a bunch of new features:


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Safari is rasterizing it for performance.

gsap.to(".textVideo h2", { 
  scale: 6,
  duration: 300,
  force3D: false


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