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HTML Banner Production Survey

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Hey all.


Posting here a survey/form about HTML banners, ways of working, etc...

Completely anonymous, not collecting any emails. Just want to get some sense of where the "industry" is, cause I couldn't find much info on Google.

Please fill-in if you want/can. You can also view the responses yourself after filling in.
Feedback on the survey itself will be much appreciated too.



Survey here:

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I specialized in banner production for many years, but it seems like that work has been automated or off-shored to the point that it no longer exists in the USA.

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Has anyone used Centro for massive versioning of banners? That is where we are heading.

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Hello, thank you for the survey. I have been working on banners for a long time (flash and now js). I still work on specific handcrafted banners for high-end fashion brands. 

Is Figma similar too Adobe XD?

What is Centro?  are you talking about https://www.centro.net/?

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My bad. I think it is called Celtra. Will know more next week.


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@saar62097 Any chance we get to see the results of this survey?


EDIT: Just realised you can view responses.

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Joe_midi, you can see the results when the form is submitted, it is open for everyone to look at.

Unfortunately, not many answers yet, i'll work on spreading this survey to more forums...

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