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Nasr Galal

Vue jest mock gsap

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I am using gsap in a component

<script lang="ts">
  import { DiagramSvgHelper } from '@/mixins'
  import { gsap } from "gsap/all"
  import {
  } from "vue-property-decorator";

  export default class Diagram extends DiagramSvgHelper {
    // someCodeHere

I would like to test the component without `gsap`for now, once i created a jest test this response comes:




I used `gsap.to()` and `gsap.set()` methods


Thanks all :)


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Hey Nasr. This is more of a jest question than a GSAP one. Have you tried looking at old forums threads like these? They use the old version of GSAP but the general format should be the same as long as you're importing things correctly:


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Hey Zack!
oh yeah, I was looking for threads discussing this issue!
thanks for these recommendations :)

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