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repeating external swf in adobe for android problem

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hi friends

I am new to the forum
I need your help with a problem.
my problem:
I have a file in animate that loads an external swf using this code

var myloader:Loader = new Loder();
var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("myswf.swf");


When i test my project in animate , the file is working fine
But when I export the file to Android and test the file, I find the flash does not stop and works repeatedly
Is there a solution to this problem and excuse me because I am a beginner


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I don't quite understand the question, but please keep in mind that:

  1. Most of the web will not support the Flash player for much longer. It is largely considered a dead technology. I would strongly recommend that you not invest much time learning it and building swfs. It's much better to move to open web standards like HTML/CSS/JavaScript which we did many years ago.
  2. We have not actively supported or maintained the ActionScript tools for many years. You're welcome to still use them, of course, but please don't expect support or any updates. Again, it's mostly a dead platform, at least on the web. 
  3. This sounds like more of a Flash question, not a GSAP question. We really try to keep these forums focused on GreenSock technology specific questions.

Good luck with your projects!

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What do you use to play a swf file on Android? To my knowledge, the format isn't supported. Certainly not for ad banners, at this date.

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i have a swf game but i have not fla file and i need play this swf on android

i need this necessary please

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