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Text animation in Adobe Captivate

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I have been trying to get a text rollout animation working in Adobe Captivate.

A kind person on the Adobe forums responded with an example making use of GSAP library using the fromTo command, which largely resolves the problem.

The animation is dropped into a Captivate slide as a zipped up .html file to animate the text at a certain point on the timeline, only compatible with HTML5 output, which is fine. 
The problem is that if the slide is replayed, e.g. by restarting the timeline or rewinding and replaying, the fromTo animation does not replay, it only works by refreshing the whole browser page and restarting the player. 
The question is, how can I get the fromTo to replay correctly if the player timeline is rewound?

Gsap code is:


     gsap.fromTo(“.text”, {xPercent: -100}, {xPercent:0, duration: 2, ease: “none”, overwrite: “auto”});



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Correct gsap
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Hey Phd and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


In terms of GSAP, if you want an animation to be replay-able you should save it to a variable. Then you can use control methods on that animation to affect its play state:

// gsap, not gasp ;)
var slideIn = gsap.fromTo(".text", {xPercent: -100}, {xPercent: 0, duration: 2, ease: none”, overwrite: auto”});

// later
slideIn.restart(); // simple!

However, how you call that method in Adobe Captivate is a question completely unrelated to GSAP. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any regulars here who use Adobe Captivate. I recommend asking that question in Adobe's forums.

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