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ScrollTrigger + SVG masking

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I'm trying to get an effect of a collection of shapes to come together and fit together (though some of the paths need a clean up 😅

I have made a few simple ScrollTrigger animations and can arrange the shapes into where they should be / the general animation however.... I'm really stuck on how to get the shapes on the bottom on the vector to act as a mask for the background image the animation is placed upon.

I'm able to make a compound path a set the mask but wondered if anyone had any ideas around how I would be able to mask as well as animate the shapes independently (as they are moving on the y-axis at different heights).

Any help would be appreciated!

See the Pen qBbKpWy by benf2489 (@benf2489) on CodePen

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Hey benf and welcome to the GreenSock forums! 

If you create a clip path or mask, you can put shapes inside it. Then you can animate those shapes and it will affect the clip path or mask. 

Here's a related thread on the subject:


Also I noticed you're using the old GSAP syntax. We highly recommend using the sleeker syntax :) 


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