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Draggable - disabling toss

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I am incorporating some basic draggable functionality into a web banner and was wondering if there was an easy way to disable the "toss" ability. I have some text that is animating based on user interaction and i was hoping there was an easy way to just turn this ability off. 


I can refactor my work into a pen if that makes it easier but i thought it might not be necessary. 


Thanks in advance!

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You actually have to opt-in to the "toss" behavior, and you even need a bonus plugin to do it :)


I'm not sure which version you're using, but just make sure that you DON'T have throwProps: true or inertia: true

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OK, i tried to make sure that these properties were false but am still getting the throw to work. I've imbedded my pen so you can see what i am referring to. 


See the Pen VwexVbd by beeboyely (@beeboyely) on CodePen

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Interesting. Whoever made that script uses some weird drag handling function (that causes conflict). Applying it to the onDragEnd instead works a lot better:

// onDrag: onDrag,
onDragEnd: onDrag,


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