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How to fix the dynamix height issue

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I am trying to fix the dynamic height which keeps on decreasing as the animation proceeds. I had set the display property as none at the end of my Sequence but it keeps on getting the display property as flex.


Temporary solution that I have is to set the height of the wrapper and set overflow to none, but I would like to know the exact way it is done not by the hack.



See the Pen QWympZB by bhanu-krenovate (@bhanu-krenovate) on CodePen

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Hey Bhanu and welcome to the GreenSock forums. mvaneijgen is right - using CSS to put them where you want them to be is the right approach. In general I'd use absolute positioning to do this sort of thing because grid isn't perfectly supported in IE, but it has pretty good support.

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Thanks @ZachSaucier and @mvaneijgen for showing me the right direction. This is my first animation with GSAP.


I will use the advice to position the content at the position before animating in future animations.



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