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help slideshow delay

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I should tell u guys I'm very basic at javascript let alone Jquery. I ve been experimenting with scrollmagic and gsap, but now i'm stuck and could use your help please.


I want to achieve the following:


When u scroll into section 2, there should start a picture slideshow on section 3. I want it to keep running until section 3 reaches the top and on scrolling then the slideshow should plit into two specific pictures that in turn go left and right, while the section is pinned. It all looks kinda ok( dunno about the code: I try to keep it as simple as possible so i really understand it:)). 

The only problem is the slideshow itself...i couldnt keep it looping without having somekind of delay when it finishes the first time and restarts. Then i tried reversing it, but that also gives a delay.How can i fix this? 

Also if u scroll really fast from top to section 3 the pictures arent loaded yet and then the left right split animation is messed up. Im guessing i could fix this by letting the animation start earlier( on pageload), but I wonder if theres another solution. (Seems weird running an animation in background while nobodys on that section)





See the Pen JjGMBeg by ooxablon (@ooxablon) on CodePen

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U mean as in not using scrollmagic, but instead scrolltrigger?

Will that be easier to fix the slideshow animation? :p


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Hey @ooxablon,


Year, take a look at the doc, the video and the many examples

and you will see how easy GSAP scrollTrigger does your animation.


Happy scrolling ...


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thx alot Mikel, ill dive right into it :)

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