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isTweening(obj) returns false while tween is underway

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I have this issue where I am trying to check if this tween is active. This code doesn't seem to work, maybe because the there's a delay set?


What's the best way to use overwitemanager to not overwrite this tween can you provide a small example please?


if (!TweenMax.isTweening(pendingLabel))





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I'm not sure I understand the question. I just tested isTweening() and it seems to work perfectly. It's failing for you?


A more efficient way of doing the conditional logic would be:


var tween:TweenMax;
function myFunction():void {
   if (tween == null) {
       tween = TweenMax.to(pendingLabel, .5, {alpha:1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:.6, repeat:-1});

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seems like isTweening doesn't work in combination with allTo or allFrom, speaking about animating objects in arrays.


if (!TweenMax.isTweening(stages)) {
TweenMax.allTo(stages, 2, {


maybe that was the problem of reduxdj? D:





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sure, it works with any/all tweens even if they're created in allTo() or allFrom() methods. But keep in mind that you wouldn't pass an array to the isTweening() method - it's the object that is tweening. If you're experiencing problems with isTweening(), would you please create a sample FLA that demonstrates the issue and post it here? The simpler the better.

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Like I said, you should NOT be passing an array to TweenMax.isTweening(). That's precisely what you did, though. isTweening() checks to see if a particular object is being tweened, not any of the objects inside of an array. You could easily accomplish what you want with a custom function of your own, like:


function isAnyTweening(a:Array):Boolean {
var i:int = a.length;
while (--i > -1) {
	if (TweenMax.isTweening(a[i])) {
		return true;
return false;

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