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How to make this animation with GSAP

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I'd like to create a homepage with two images on each side. When I start scrolling, I'd like the main page to hold while the first image scrolls up. When I continue scrolling I'd like the next image to start scrolling up. Then I'd like the main page to start scrolling normally.


Can anyone give me any guidance of achieving this? Is ScrollTrigger the right thing to use here?



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Hello Chris!


I'm not a pro using GSAP, your general idea sounds like one that would use the scrollTrigger plugin, but maybe you may resolve that using the CSS property position: sticky – Have you read about that one? 


It'd be great if you could provide a visual example (e.g. image explaining what should happen in this homepage of yours), maybe even a reference link. A Codepen demo would be awesome. 

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